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Tirana is a must see place while you are on Excursions from Albania. The city of Tirana is the capital of Albania and is also the most important political, economic and cultural centre of the country. The city is very favorably located in the centre of the country with an altitude of 113 meters above the sea level.
The Adriatic Sea is situated in the western side and the largest and most popular beach in Albania, the Durrës beach is only 32 kilometers away from the city. The nightlife in Tirana is truly exciting with young crowd, great music and drinks.
Daiti national PARK –the balcony of Tirana

Dajti National Park, Albania, also known as Tirana's Natural balcony, is located 26 km to the east of Tirana. It is situated at a distance of 50 km from the Rinas International Airport at an elevation of 1612 meters above the sea level. Dajti National Park, Albania commands a spectacular view of the capital.
Dajti National Park, Albania is spread on a sprawling 3,300 hectares of land on the Dajti Plain, which is the converging point of visitors to Dajti. This is one of the finest spots for a family picnic barbeque parties, sports and games and lots of other interesting activities. Visiting Dajti National Park form an interesting part of Albania tours. The location also has a splendid infrastructure for tourism with plenty of good hotels providing excellent accommodations and a good number of restaurants and bars serving the appetite of the tourists – both domestic and international.
The different species of animals and birds that are found at Dajti National Park, Albania include mountain eagles, hawks, black woodpeckers, haresm otters, wolves and mammals like eastern horse shoe bats and many other rare species which are globally conserved. In all the fauna at the park features 4 rare species of amphibians, 9 different types of animals, 8 species of reptiles and 11 rare types of birds. It is a great conservations area in Albania and one of the most popular of the National Parks in Albania.
The region experiences a considerable amount of precipitation in the form of snow. The rugged and rocky terrain is ideal for many adventure sports like hiking, rock climbing and to some extent ice skiing which is occasional. Some air sports are also enjoyed here. The most interesting of all is the cable car ride from Tirana to Dajti Mountain Park. Starting from Linza the cable car goes up to the Dajti plain in just 14 minutes during which the tourist can enjoy a bird's eye view of the entire vegetation belt that looks stunningly beautiful.
Price 38 euro/pers for excursion in Tirana city and Daiti mountain
The price includes a Albanian traditional  lunch

2.Butrinti National Park

Butrint National Park, Albania, sprawls over 29 square km of beautiful and historical landscape and boasts of tranquil environment. This is one of the significant National Parks in Albania. The Butrint National Park,Albania, which has been declared as the World Heritage Site was created in the year 2000. The Albanian Government with the support of UNESCO expanded the boundaries of the Butrint National Park, Albania to 86 sq. km in 2005.
Butrint's importance to Albania as a cultural heritage was first acknowledged in the year 1992 when it was declared as a site of great historical significance. It is not just a physical cultural heritage but is also a natural environment of international significance because of its varied flora and fauna.
The entire area is robed with natural elements that include a woodland with a complex ecosystem that is influenced by the presence of water bodies like Lake Butrint and Vivari Channel which meets the great Ionian Sea. It is a natural home to a wide variety of animal species that include rare birds, insects, amphibians, reptiles and mammals. This ultimately forced the authorities to convert the Butrint National Park into Ramsar Wetlands Site of International Importance. The park shelters 26 species of animals that are globally conserved. Marginated Tortoise, wolf and white-tailed eagle are some of the popular among them.
The Butrint National Park in Albania remains open to the visitors all the year round and entry is restricted between 8.00 and dusk. Entry fee has been fixed to generate revenue for maintenance. The museum inside the park remains open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Price 88 euro without transfer
This excursion includes the visit to the Lekursi castel

  • Prices are per person,
  • Prices include guide in Russian
  • Transfers all over the excursion,
  • Coffe break or traditional lunch
  • For groups more then 3-5 persons the prices will have a discount of -5euro  

5. Kruje
Kruje , Albania is the place of birth of the national hero of Albania, Skanderbeg. This person defeated the Turks and protected the land. This is a historical site and must be positively visited while you are on a trip to the country. You can take a day trip to the region from the capital city of Albania. The place can be visited to see his home that is located in the town. It houses some of the items that were related to him. You can also pay a visit to the museum village which is located there. The museum showcases the history of the region. Besides these tourist spots, the place has wonderful scenic beauty. There are some tourist spots that are located close to the town which you can visit while you are on a trip to the region.
Kruje, Albania has many hotels for the accommodation of the tourists visiting the town. You are sure to have a comfortable stay while you are on a trip to the city. You can also visit the many restaurants in the town. You can try out a wide variety of cuisines in the many eateries that are spread in the town. Besides dining, you can also engage in some shopping while you are on a trip to the place. You can shop for a lot of products that you would find in the shops of the region. These are all local crafts and you can buy them as souvenirs while you are exploring the many markets in the region. You are sure to have a great time while you are on a tip to Kruje, Albania.
Price 50 euro/pers for tourists living in Tirana/ Durres

4.Shkoder – a place of legend
Shkoder, Albania is a city situated on the Lake Shkodër at the northwest Albania in the District of Shkodër. Shkoder is considered to be the capital of the district. This town regarded as one of the oldest and most historic towns of Albania and a significant cultural and economic hub. Shkoder comes with a population of more than 110,000.
The culture of Shkoder, Albania is outstanding. Shkodër is the main educational and industrial hub of the country. The city creates diverse mechanical and electrical factors including textile and food products. Shkoder is also the home of the Luigj Gurakuqi University and Pedagogical Institute of Shkodër. The chief library of the city comprises more than 250,000 books. The bookworms can come to spend their leisure time for reading the various kinds of books.
The historicity of Shkoder, Albania is defined by the old houses and the slender streets made by tall stonewall. After the World War II, this town was refurbished with broad streets and new housing structures. Shkoder also owns the biggest and liveliest stadium of Albania named Loro-Boriçi Stadium. Due to its ample sightseeing places and historical ambience, Shkoder has carved out special position among all other tourist destinations of Albania.
Price 50 euro/pers for tourists living in Tirana/Durres

3.Elbasan – a city between west and middle est. 
Elbasan, Albania is one of the renowned tourist destinations in the country. This charming city is situated in central Albania, on the banks of the Shkumbin River in the District of Elbasan and the County of Elbasan. Covering an area 1,290 square kilometers, Elbasan, Albania is one of the largest cities of the country. As of 2003, Elbasan had a population of about 100,00
he history of Elbasan, Albania goes back to the Roman period. At that time, the place was known as Masio Scampa. The Romans built an imposing fortress in Elbasan. During the third and fourth centuries, Elbasan was known as Hiskampis. It later became a major trade and transport centre.
One of the places for sightseeing in Elbasan, Albania is an Orthodox Church. This church is located in the heart of the city. There is another orthodox church and an old monastery, positioned at a distance of about 7 km from Elbasan. At this site, Saint Jovan Vladimir was buried in the early 11th century. Besides, there is a plethora of public buildings, modern educational institutions, lovely gardens and timber-built shops dotting the city.
Price For tourist living in Tirana/Durres 38 euro/pers
*For other tourists 38 euro + cost of the transfer till Tirana/Durres